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    Tara Novak is a multi-genre acoustic and electric violinist and vocalist. In addition to being a dynamic solo performer, Tara is also an active composer, arranger, and orchestrator.

    Tara’s newest album, “Ciaran and Tara - Live from Boston and Ireland,” has just been released!! This is a collection of live and studio recordings by Irish Tenor Ciaran Nagle and violinist Tara Novak, showcasing the wonderful piano accompaniment of Scott Nicholas and Seamus Brett. It features a live version of Tara’s single, “The Liberties”, as well as plenty of other wonderful Irish repertoire, including beautiful new arrangements of the classics Danny Boy and Red is the Rose.

    Download this album on iTunes here:

Celebrate PRIDE at Boston Chops Sunday 14 June!!

Hey Boston! Celebrate PRIDE this weekend with a special brunch at Boston Chops!
I’ll be playing electric violin from 12-3pm, Sunday 14th June – with a set list made up of lots of fantastic dance and club music, all put together specifically for Pride!

Tara Electric Violin Hammerstep



Boston Chops is located at 1375 Washington Street, in the heart of the South End. Menus and more information is on their website:

p.s. I am going on tour to China, so this will also be my last Sunday at Boston Chops for the Summer…don’t miss it!!!!

The Three Irish Tenors in San Diego

Well, it seems that spring has finally arrived to snowy New England!  And with that comes flowers and leaves and the excitement of upcoming shows and events….
It has been an intense winter on top of the snow – I’ve been fortunate enough to play with a wide variety of shows – from the Broadway tour of “Motown the Musical” to a new regional production of “Big Fish” to the “Big Apple Circus” (yes! a real live circus!!!) to the Three Irish Tenors’ concerts in California…and lots of other things in between.

The concerts with the Tenors, however, were truly world class.  This ensemble is such a joy to perform with – and the music we make together on stage is magic!
We are currently working on negotiating dates for later this season, but in the mean time, here is a picture taken just after our concert at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts on March 14.
You’ll notice all the radiantly happy faces – it was a great concert!!  In the picture is (from left to right): Karl Scully, Dillon McCartney, Ciaran Nagle, and, of course, me – Tara Novak

Three Irish Tenors March 2015.jpg

Brunch at Boston Chops

Hello Boston!

I began a new music series every Sunday at Boston Chops in the South End this past December.

Now that Spring may actually be around the corner, time to dust off those glad rags and traipse on over to Boston Chops – join me from 11:30am-2:30pm on Sundays! I’ll be playing a wide range of music, from jazz and soul to contemporary pop hits (bring on the Beyoncé!)

See you there!!

Electric Violin Brunch

Headed to the Big Apple

Happy 2015 Everyone!!

I’ll be headed to NYC to music direct a show on Friday Jan 16, at 8pm, with the very talented Brian Horgan, a singer-songwriter from Dublin. The show will be at the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA), in Brooklyn.  (Yes, for those of you who live in Manhattan or Queens, I know Brooklyn may as well be the other side of the planet.)
Brian’s repertoire for this performance consists of plenty of original material, with a few covers of great songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s (think David Bowie, Bread, BeeGees, and other similar artists).  Brian’s own writing is imaginative and evocative, with clever lyrics and catchy melody hooks – I promise you will leave the show singing fragments of his songs!

I will be leading the band with my violin in hand.  Playing also for this show is David Gardos in piano, Danny Weller on bass, and Shannon Ford on drums/percussion.  The evening will be kicked off by spoken word artist Dave Rock, and followed with a reception in NYFA’s gallery.
(p.s. It is a free event – so no excuse for any of you poor fellow artist friends in NYC to not attend!)
Brian Horgan NYFA Jan 2015

Note to Self: Check Spam Folder More Often

How many times have all of us said to someone: “No, I never received that email…are you sure you sent it?”
Only to check our spam folder, and find that not only is that email in there…but you were also invited to tea with Queen Elizabeth II, to sing the anthem for the start of the World Series, and invest in what is now Facebook…oops

Well, imagine that experience, except with about 20,000,000 times more volume of spam…and that about sums up the back-end spam folder of my website.
Really, it is the year 2014 – do we need spammers? What do they get out of sending spam to a website anyways?!?!?!

But…buried in over 7000 messages of spam that I cleaned out this morning, there they were – lovely, genuine messages from people I had met at concerts or from long ago, who had taken the time to visit my website, read through my blogs, and post a comment.
So to John & Edie in Philadelphia, and to Nick from the good ol’ days back at Northwest High School, my apologies that I didn’t respond when you sent your messages!
Yes, John & Edie, I really hope that we return to perform in Philadelphia soon – it is truly one of my favorite cities in America.  It has beautiful old architecture, with sweeping fields and properties on the outskirts, and the heart of a city that is still gritty and real – not overly-sterilized as some (not to be mentioned!) larger cities in this country!
And to Nick, I will check out those links on my site!  I do my best to be a “Renaissance Woman” and manage my own site, upload media to the various other necessary sites online, and etc – but sadly there are always little bits and pieces that slip through the cracks!

Finally, to all of my other wonderful fans – hope to see you very soon at an event, and please keep posting!!!
And here is to a fantastic finish to 2014!!