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    Tara Novak is a multi-genre acoustic and electric violinist and vocalist. In addition to being a dynamic solo performer, Tara is also an active composer, arranger, and orchestrator.

    Tara’s new single, “The Liberties,” is now released!! It is in the style of a traditional Irish air, jig, and reel, and has been orchestrated by Tara and David Wray. This track has been a long time coming – Tara recorded all the orchestral string parts over the course of 2 months in her livingroom!

A Simple Life…

One of the greatest pleasures of moving (and, boy, I’ve done a lot of that!) has been having the opportunity to meet many people around the world, many of whom I may not have crossed paths with otherwise.
In January 2012, when I returned to Berklee, I needed to take some Classical theory classes as part of my degree requirements.  Even though I had taken these classes at UMKC (13 years earlier!), I decided to not test out of these classes.  Who doesn’t need a brush-up on the rules of chorale writing and counterpoint, let alone all those crazy Augmented 6 chords?!?  Because of that decision, I ended up having a class with the amazing guitarist, classical composer, and film director Apostolos Paraskevas as my professor.

Two years later, Apostolos has become a very dear friend – to both me, and my husband Ciaran.  Apostolos performed his first solo recital of his own repertoire this past week at Berklee College of Music.  There is a long back-story as to why he had not been performing, but to summarize, both life and physical injuries had gotten in the way.  Overcoming giant obstacles (and having been told that he would never play again), Apostolos heroically took on the challenge of this recital – and asked Ciaran and I to perform on it with him.

The link below is to a beautiful guitar and violin duet by Apostolos – “A Simple Life and Some Tea, Please…” – performed by the pair of us last week, Feb 12, 2014, at the David Friend Recital Hall at Berklee College of Music.
I hope that you, the listener, enjoy it – but I hope even more that there will be many more opportunities to make music with this amazing artist!

Ciaran & Tara in Concert – Philadelphia

Once again, Ciaran and I are performing a duo concert – accompanied by the amazing Scott Nicholas on piano.

We performed a similar concert in Chelmsford, MA, in November, and enjoyed so much working together in this intimate recital setting that we are both very excited to have the opportunity to do it again!

See the poster below for more information about the concert, and for ticket information.

March 9th – The Philadelphia Oratory – Flyer

Bill Whelan Inishlacken – 1st Mvmt Video

I was lucky enough to be asked to perform this wonderful piece “Inishlacken” written by Riverdance composer Bill Whelan last April at the Berklee Performance Center, with the fantastic fiddler Zoe Conway, whom the piece was first written for.

The music is a glorious combination of the exuberance and haunting beauty of the Ireland’s landscape and music, paired with lush string accompaniment and long classical line.  Working with Bill Whelan was wonderful – he was gracious and open about his music, but also very clear about his musical intentions.

This is a concert that I have the opportunity to do again someday, but in the mean time, I hope you enjoy the video of the first movement of “Inishlacken”!

Ciaran and Tara in Chelmsford on Nov 2

Ciarán and I will be performing near to Boston in our first ever full-length concert performance! OK, OK, it isn’t our “first ever full-length concert performance,” but it IS our first full-length concert performance without either two other Tenors or a band in tow!

This is just Ciarán and I, accompanied by the world-class Scott Nicholas on piano.  The concert is to raise money for the wonderful local group, the Concord Women’s Chorus.  Whether you want to support the local community, or just warm your heart on a cold November evening with some beautiful Irish music, please join us at 7pm on Nov 2!

Berklee International Folk Festival – The Music of Ireland

Hello Friends!

Now that I have graduated from Berklee, it is time to start gathering together all the video and audio from my wonderful experiences over the past while!
First up – the video from the 27th annual “Berklee International Folk Festival,” which took place at the Berklee Performance Center on March 28, 2013.
I was honored to be selected to represent the Music of Ireland with my band, Ishna, with special guests Ciarán Nagle (tenor), Cillian Vallely (uilleann pipes & Irish whistle), and two wonderful Irish Dancers, Holland Raper and Luke Bidigare-Curtis.

The video starts with some reels (London Lasses & Joe Cooley’s), then goes into the Water is Wide, and finally wraps up with more fast tunes and dancing, in an arrangement I call “The Road to Catharsis,” which is loosely based on the reel The Star of Munster.

Get ready to clap and sing along, and let me know what you think of the video!